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Information about the OAK Root-Lever for MAGURA Braking Systems

Our first product, the OAK Root-Lever for MAGURA braking systems offers some significant advantages to the standard market solutions. Learn more here: 


EPA (Empty Path Adjustment) 

By means of the EPA system from OAK, the brake lever can be adjusted easily, quickly and accurately. This makes it possible to dispense with a return spring, which often causes problems on the brakes of the MT series. In combination with the CPA system, any conceivable lever position can be achieved and the brake can be adapted to all personal preferences. At the same time, your braking system is more fail-safe than ever before. Always make sure the brake is set correctly according to specifications.

The EPA system also allows a short-term locking of the brake for maintenance work when the bike is at a standstill. To do this, the set screw is screwed in until the brake engages. This means that repairs can be carried out on the road without your bike rolling away.



CPA (Contact Point Adjustment)

The CPA from OAK Components is a mechanism for fine adjusting the bite point. The production of a special adjusting screw makes it possible:

Via fine detent marks on the thread of the  adjusting screw, the pressure point can be adjusted in 1/4-millimeter increments, providing haptic feedback through a clearly defined click. The adjustment range is significantly larger than on the original MAGURA levers and makes the braking system more adaptable.



OAK Rot-Lever SBP Superior Bending Protection


SBP (Superior Bending Protection)

A completely new design of kink protection on the brake hose mount protects this highly stressed area. Kinking of the brake hose can lead to a spongy pressure point or, in the worst case, to oil loss. Our experience is that the usual plastic parts do not provide reliable protection in the event of a crash or tree contact. In our tests, a steel spring has been able to absorb the acting forces much better and is our means of choice.

ALK (Advanced Lever Kinematics)

Changing the lever ratio for maximum braking power with first-class dosing makes a good brake even better. We have calculated, compared and tested countless variants until we have come to the best result for us and our team riders.


Topology optimization and simulation

Topology optimization describes the computer-aided calculation of a possible material arrangement where the component needs it in order to withstand the specified loads as well as possible. This procedure was decisive for the design of our lever. In this way, the stiffest and most resistant design is generated from as little material as possible. FEM simulations are then used to analyze weak points, optimize the component and finally verify it before milling. Of course, this in no way replaces extensive testing on test rigs and trails.



We test all our components to the highest standards ourselves and in cooperation with independent testing institutes. Our levers are certified according to DIN EN 14766, with tests going far beyond the standard. Even more important is the feedback from our team riders. Ergonomics, durability, crash behavior: Everything is discussed in detail and is the basis for the next optimization steps. Only those who allow criticism and meticulously eliminate weak points can achieve the best possible result.

Feedback culture

Some problems only occur when several factors or environmental influences interact in tough, continuous use and cannot be foreseen even in our extensive tests. Therefore, we take the feedback of our customers very seriously. Every rider rides different trails, has different ergonomic requirements and sets different priorities for his equipment. We try to cover as many of these aspects as possible with our products. Feel free to use our contact form for incentives and tell us what we can make even better for you.



Never Enough -
We are never completely satisfied and are constantly working on new solutions to problems that bother us when we ride. Check out what we've already put into production.
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